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Get advice, tips and insights on a wide range of topics helpful to both seniors and their family members, from downsizing to starting the conversation about moving to a community.

Sleep Better with Sleep Therapy: Tips for Older Adults

 If you’re an older adult who finds yourself struggling to get a good night’s rest – whether it’s falling or staying asleep – you may be

Independent Living Community Supports Your Independence

“Independent” is in the name so it makes sense that if you’re looking for a place to live that will help you maintain your autonomy, an

The Advantage of Person-Centered Care in Assisted Living

If a parent or loved one is beginning to need a helping hand with some of their daily tasks, your family may be considering whether an

Keep Your Independence: 5 Top Tips for Seniors

When asked, most seniors list loss of independence as one of the biggest concerns they have about growing older. No one wants to let go of

Becoming a Caregiver: Tips to Survive

Does your parent or another family member living at home need additional care? Could they use a little extra help with shopping, cooking healthy meals or

Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Weight as You Grow Older

Our bodies change as we grow older. One of the more common alterations can be weight. You may find yourself gaining or losing weight without making

Suggestions for Seniors if Mobility is Affecting Your Independence

Is a parent or loved one finding it harder to get around? Is their independence being curtailed because of mobility issues? If this is happening, there

How Sensory Stimulation Can Improve Your Loved One’s Life

If you’re caring for a loved one and are concerned that his or her quality of life may be slipping because they don’t seem to be

Caregiving for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s? The Advantage of Support Groups

If you’re looking after a family member living with Alzheimer’s, you’ve no doubt focused on providing a high level of care and have learned to adapt
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