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Get advice, tips and insights on a wide range of topics helpful to both seniors and their family members, from downsizing to starting the conversation about moving to a community.

Explore Your Creative Side: 5 Ideas to Try

Being creative can run the gamut – from painting to writing code, drawing pictures to composing poetry or sculpting to creating your own variation of a

Need a Break? Caregiving Tips That Can Help

If you’re providing care for a family member who needs help with the daily tasks of living, you may find that your responsibilities leave little time

Ideas for Both the Body and Mind to Age Well

While it’s true that you’re not getting older but better, most of us know that it’s the result of our efforts and not something that magically

Is Laughter the Best Medicine for Aging Well? Give It a Try

We’ve all heard the old expression that laughter is the best medicine. But have you ever wondered if it’s really true? Depending on what ails you,

5 Signs Your Parent is Struggling Living at Home Alone

If there is one common sentiment that many adult children share when it comes to their parents, it’s worrying about them living safely at home alone.

Healthy Aging Tips: The Physical and Mental Benefits of a Daily Walk

When it comes to tips for healthy aging, walking is near the top of the list. Walking is an effective way to reduce the risk of heart

Help, My Parent Won’t Move to Assisted Living! Resources to Make the Conversation Easier

For the adult children of an older parent or loved one, one of the hardest things to do is to encourage them to move to a

4 Key Reasons Not to Ignore Loneliness

Living alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be lonely. Just as there is no guarantee that you won’t be if you’re surrounded by others. But loneliness

Can You Improve Your Brain Health? Try These 5 Action Steps and Decide For Yourself

Much has been written about aging and performing cognitive drills. You may wonder if there are benefits to working out your brain but the question often
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