Highest-Quality Caregiving
You Can Trust

Ensuring that your loved one receives the highest-quality home care starts with carefully matching clients and caregivers. We thoroughly check and verify employee backgrounds and qualifications and provide ongoing training. In addition, Ingleside at Home partners with Home Care Pulse, a leading independent, unbiased satisfaction research and quality assurance organization, to conduct monthly surveys of clients and caregivers that provide us with candid and honest feedback.


Client and Caregiver Matching

The right care provider not only is thoroughly qualified to provide the services you need, but also has the personal attributes to develop a pleasant and rewarding relationship. Our attribute matching and screening process helps to determine a caregiver that is the right match for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Client is interviewed for attributes, including such items as food preferences, pets, energetic vs. quiet personality, and when care is needed.
  • Staff is assessed with a questionnaire covering the same attributes.
  • Software program is overseen by coordinators who evaluate answers and suggest appropriate matches.
  • Results are reviewed to ensure a close client-caregiver match.
  • Once care begins, a quality check is performed within 2–6 weeks.

"The caregivers are in perpetual motion to get everything done. All of them have been impressive, and there is never a lack of care or attention."

Caregiver Screening

How We Hire

Every care provider at Ingleside at Home is an employee, not a contractor. Each applicant undergoes an extensive investigation to ensure that all jurisdictional, occupational and Ingleside quality requirements are met. Ongoing training helps caregivers stay current on the latest techniques in their fields. Interested in joining Ingleside at Home? Visit our Careers.


Satisfaction Scores

Ingleside at Home partners with Home Care Pulse to administer, evaluate and act upon monthly surveys of clients and caregivers. These surveys:

  • Provide detailed, unbiased feedback through the VANTAGE online portal
  • Show industry and regional benchmarks and measure results against quality indicators
  • Allow changes to be made based on feedback through Ingleside at Home’s quality improvement process

"They are always incredibly cheerful, they look to be helpful, they express a willingness to participate in some of my father’s favorite activities, and they all follow instructions."

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