Honoring a life well lived and a wife well loved

Margaret Zeuschner was one of the first women to get an MBA from Columbia University after getting her undergraduate degree in mathematics from Manhattanville College.

But her husband Erwin Zeuschner, 86, said she put a major focus on being a fantastic and supportive mother and wife as well.

“Margaret is a remarkable person,” Erwin said.

Erwin’s first wife died suddenly when she was in her early 30s, leaving him with three children to raise on his own.

He called up Margaret who was a friend at the time, they went on a date shortly after started a relationship.

“One day when we’re having dinner I asked her if she was interested in marrying me,” Erwin said.

The rest is history. Margaret adopted his three children and they had a child of their own. All went on to graduate from top schools and have high-achieving careers.

“Margaret did an absolutely unbelievable job,” Erwin said.

After having worked on Wall Street, she went back to school and did all of the course work for a PhD in Art History and was an associate professor in the CUNY system for 15 years.

He was an investor in New York City and retired at the age of 83. Margaret started having some memory issues and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia.

Erwin said living at Ingleside at Rock Creek has made everything easier. Margaret lives in Memory Support Assisted Living not far from his apartment. He said he spent a couple of hours with her everyday.

They recently marked their 50th anniversary with family and friends in a room on the Memory Support neighborhood. He said it was incredible to see her light up during the celebration.

At the end of 2021 Erwin gave $20,000 to enrich memory support programming. This gift will go toward including an aromatic therapeutic offering in the neighborhoods to help with memory function.

“Margaret is a fabulous woman. There’s still a sense of communication between herself and myself,” Erwin said. “I’m glad my gift will enhance care for Margaret and others at Ingleside.”