At Ingleside, our philosophy of engaged living puts us on the ultimate path to health and happiness. We don’t believe we were meant to live in isolation; we were made to connect—to touch each other’s lives, to engage with friends and families and communities, and to share interests and passions and exchange ideas and feelings. That’s what engaged living at Ingleside is all about.

There’s a spirited energy that runs between one person and another, and one community and another, as we all engage together in our personal growth and in the evolution of our larger family. Together, we celebrate diversity, pursue knowledge and foster individual spiritual growth. Our lives and hearts are intertwined. Our dreams and aspirations are limitless. Who knows where our journey will take us next?


Dimensions of Wellness

Strengthening the mind, body and spirit is an integral part of our philosophy of engaged living. Each of Ingleside’s communities and programs supports members in living with joy, passion and energy. Our seven dimensions of wellness take into account all of the elements that interact to contribute to total well-being:


A Day in the Life at Ingleside

A day in the life at Ingleside is different for each member of our family, and it changes every day, for every person, in every community. At Westminster at Lake Ridge, it might mean starting your day with a tai chi class or putting your fishing pole in the water on the pond, then hitting the pickleball court. At Ingleside at Rock Creek, it might mean working on your latest masterpiece in the art studio, followed by a casual meal in the café. At Ingleside at King Farm, it could mean enjoying a virtual concert by the National Philharmonic, followed by a gourmet dinner and evening stroll through the walkable, tree-lined neighborhood.

Residents engage in the activities that speak to them, and each is working toward whole-person well-being by individually embracing the seven dimensions of wellness. At all our communities, each person chooses a unique path to pursuing health and happiness.