Ingleside at King Farm


Get advice, tips and insights on a wide range of topics helpful to both seniors and their family members, from downsizing to starting the conversation about moving to a community.

Ingleside Engaged Social Day Program Places Priority on Purpose, Passion, and Health

Led by its caring and compassionate staff, the Ingleside Engaged Social Day Program has continued growing in size and popularity, excelling in its central goal of

Keep Your Independence: 5 Top Tips for Seniors

When asked, most seniors list loss of independence as one of the biggest concerns they have about growing older. No one wants to let go of

Suggestions for Seniors if Mobility is Affecting Your Independence

Is a parent or loved one finding it harder to get around? Is their independence being curtailed because of mobility issues? If this is happening, there

The Advantage for Couples with Different Interests

Are you part of a couple considering how best to achieve the retirement lifestyle of your dreams? Do you both know exactly what you want but

Sensory Stimulation and Alzheimer’s: 5 Ways to Communicate When Words Aren’t Possible

Families with a loved one who are living with Alzheimer’s may find communication becomes more difficult as the illness progresses. Yet there are several different ways

What to Take and Leave Behind When Moving to an Independent Living Community

Have you made the decision to move to an independent living community? If so, you know the benefits and advantages and are likely looking forward to

Discover These 5 Steps to Make New Friends Later in Life

Friendships are important no matter what your age. Not only can they add joy and enrich your life, they are also good for both your physical

COVID-19 Lessons Learned Make Senior Living Safer Than Ever

To say COVID-19 took the world by surprise is not an overstatement. Most people simply never saw it coming. But if one thing is sure, there

The Benefits of a Positive Attitude for Aging Well

Many elements contribute to helping you live your best life. Maintaining good physical health, working out your brain, eating a nutritious diet, getting a good night’s
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