Ingleknits Brings Community Together to Stitch For a Good Cause

Emmy Wedberg’s grandmother taught her how to knit when she was a young girl.

Now, in retirement, she has picked up those skills again and is using them to give back to others. She leads the group Ingleknits, which offers those in the IKF community an opportunity to gather and knit items for charity.

Renate Garufi started Ingleknits in 2009 hosting twelve knitters in her apartment. In 2019, with the influx of Gardenside residents, she asked Emmy to take the lead. During pandemic, the group grew to its current 42 knitters as people looked for meaningful activities and (Zoom) friendship.

The group meets twice a month to knit, share tips, lessons, and resources, and to strengthen friendships. Their knitted items sell at the Ingleside at King Farm Annual Bazaar, which raises money for the Resident Supporting Fund, supporting residents who have outlived their resources.  They also knit special order requests, and hats and scarves to donate to Interfaith Works for Montgomery County’s homeless.

All the yarn used for their group charity projects is donated. Woolwinders Yarn Shop has been especially generous, as have many individuals. Two years ago, a woman settling her sister’s estate donated 46 cartons of unopened, high quality yarn. A most remarkable gift, the group gratefully agreed.

Ingleknits is open to all, and a small knitting group has recently resumed meeting in our Healthcare Center after a two-year pandemic interruption.

“Sewing mends the soul,” is a quote Emmy uses often when listing the benefits of handwork.