Get advice, tips and insights on a wide range of topics helpful to both seniors and their family members, from downsizing to starting the conversation about moving to a community.

Staying Engaged in Life and How Assisted Living Can Help

Have you noticed your loved one becoming less connected with others and the world? That can easily happen, especially for those who live alone and may

Help Your Parent Thrive in Today’s Assisted Living

Have your parents recently moved into an assisted living community or will be soon and you’re looking for ways to help them make the transition? Most

Comparing Home vs Assisted Living Benefits? 7 Factors to Consider

If your parent is beginning to struggle with the activities of daily living, your family may be considering the options that assisted living can offer when

Bringing Spring Indoors: 10 Decorating Tips

Are you ready to usher winter out the door? This year presented additional challenges and many of us enjoyed turning the calendar to welcome spring. Even

Discover the Secrets to Aging Well

Have you heard about the Blue Zones? These are areas that are home to some of the world’s longest living people. Although in different geographic areas,

Adapting to Change as You Grow Older: 7 Tips to Try

From birth going forward, we are changing. Our bodies and minds continue to adapt and transform to the world around us. Although there can be loss

Staying Safe and Preventing Falls: 5 Steps You Can Take

Falling is not a normal part of aging, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But still, they are not uncommon. In fact,

5 Signs That It May Be Time for Memory Care

If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you know it’s a progressive illness requiring flexibility to meet ever-changing needs. You’re also likely aware that

Social Interaction and Alzheimer’s: Tips for Family and Friends

Connecting with others is a basic necessity that we all share. It’s been shown to greatly influence both our physical and cognitive health. Yet people often
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