Get advice, tips and insights on a wide range of topics helpful to both seniors and their family members, from downsizing to starting the conversation about moving to a community.

The Value of Respite Care: Benefits to Caregivers and Their Loved Ones

There are two priorities when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. One is providing the best care possible. The other is taking care of yourself

The Importance of Purposeful Living and How an Assisted Living Community Can Help

Everyone needs a purpose. And while finding happiness is very important, a meaningful life is found more in reaching out to others than reflecting within. As

Choosing a Memory Care Community: Stand-alone vs Assisted Living

If you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, you most likely have experienced the progressiveness of the disease. While everyone with a cognitive illness may respond differently,

The Advantages of Choosing a Life Plan Community

Have you considered how best to embrace your life well-lived, while finding ways to simplify necessary tasks? If you’re looking for a community that can take

Financial and Legal Planning for Alzheimer’s or Dementia

For most adults, making sure their life affairs are in order is a priority. But for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the passage of time

How Independent Living Helps Seniors Make Friends and Avoid Social Isolation

We all need social interaction to thrive. But as we grow older, unfortunately, that can become more difficult, instead of easier to accomplish. Vital to both

Sensory Stimulation: The Benefits and 20 Ideas to Connect

All of us respond to our senses. Whether it’s a gentle touch or tasting food that reminds us of our childhood, sensory stimulation can activate many

Exploring Your Creative Side: 5 Benefits of Communicating with Art

While most of us appreciate the beauty that art adds to our lives, it often remained in the background while we were busy with careers and

COVID-19 BLOG: Staying Connected While Socially Isolating

Our “new normal” is anything but, however, there are plenty of ways to participate in life without ever leaving the safety of your home. You can
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